Bao Dai’ Summer

Emperor Bao Dai’s Summer Palace

With a no doubt, Dalat is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vietnam. Almost tourists in Vietnam travel coming there are to see the city of love in which there consist of many famous places. Among them, Emperor Bao Dai’s Summer Palace is a must-see place for all the visitors paying a trip to Dalat, Lam Dong province.
Bao Dai’ Summer

Known as a very popular tourist attraction in Vietnam, Dalat, referred to as the city of love, gets a lot of tourists in Vietnam travel every year. There are many tourist attractions in Dalat and all these places are very popular among travelers coming here. And among them, the Emperor Bao Dai’s Summer Palace is a must-visit place for all the visitors to Dalat.


Bao Dai was the last emperor/king of Vietnam and ascended to the throne in 1926. He was only 12 years old at that time. With a reputation as a man who enjoyed parties and the good life, Bao Dai spent a good amount of time in Dalat.

His summer palace was made up of three imperial buildings with the part called Dinh 3 being the best known and most visited. Built in 1933, the restored palace is still furnished with a lot of its original furniture and fittings and offers a rich insight into the life of the royal resident. The parts that are open for the public are the emperor’s throne, office and bedroom, dining room and the empress’s quarters. Many portraits and sculptures of the royals are on display too. Photography is not allowed inside the building.


Emperor Bao Dai had made three huge palaces in the city of Dalat. Among them the most visited palace is called the Dinh 3 which was built in 1933. The entire structure of the palace was made in art deco fashion. It was set inside a pine grove near the Pasteur Institute, in the southwestern direction of the lake. The décor has not changed in decades, except for the addition of Ho Chi Minh’s portrait over the fireplace. Inside this palace the visitors will come across a number of busts and sculptures which are of the deposed imperial family. There are many beautiful portraits as well inside the palace. The living quarters of the royal family are located upstairs. The room of Bao Long (Bao Dai’s eldest son), who now lives in France, is decorated in yellow, the royal color.


The other two Emperor Bao Dai’s Summer Palaces in Dalat remain open sporadically for the public. These two palaces are known as Dinh 1 and Dinh 2. They are mostly used for various government purposes. Out of the three palaces the most picturesque one is the Dinh 1 Palace.

If you are in Vietnam travel and in Dalat now, you should remember to visit the Emperor Bao Dai’s Summer Palace.

Bao Dai’ Summer

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