Vinh Long

Vinh Long contributes to the nation’s history as part of the historic settlement of the Mekong River Delta as Vietnam expanded southward in the 18th and 19th centuries. A large part of its recent past has either been lost or poorly documented and thus, invisible to tourists, and to an extent, even ordinary town people. French colonial influence can still be seen in architecture as many old French buildings (now government offices and private residences) are scattered over the city. Chinese influence is strong with many Chinese temples, Chinese-own businesses (e.g. traditional Chinese medicine stores) and southern Chinese dishes and snacks. Many beautiful and serene Buddhist temples attribute to its strong Mahayana Buddhist heritage. Vinh Long produces two (Phạm Hùng and Võ văn Kiệt) out of only six prime ministers since 1975, no small achievement for a place very few people have heard of Vinh Long.

Vinh Long

Vinh Long City

In Vinh Long, visitors can visit tropical fruit gardens and boating along canals to islands. Popular places are Mr. Sau Giao’s Flower Garden, Mr. Muoi Day’s Stilt-House, and Mr. Hai Hoang’s Old House. Homestay and join daily activities with the local people are also highlights of the trips.

Vinh Long has many pagodas, communal houses such as Van Thanh Temple, Long Thanh Communal House, Tinh Xa Ngoc Vien, Phuoc Hau, Tien Chau, Saghamangala pagodas…

Vinh Long

Long Thanh Communal House

Compared to My Tho in Vinh Long further downriver, the boat trips here are more affordable and the homestays in Vinh Long offer a terrific opportunity to experience Mekong life firsthand, yet few independent travellers tend to make it here.

Aside from the river trips and the homestays, Ving Long isn’t screaming out with grade A tourist attractions — it’s other claim to fame, the Van Thanh Mieu pagoda in Vinh Long was being renovated when we visited, and the museum kept such odd hours we never seemed to be around when it was open.

The Vinh Long tourist office can organise homestays and boat trips but both are significantly more expensive than organising something on a more freelance basis — stand around by the riverbank for about five seconds and don’t be surprised when a boatman edges up whispering “boat trip” to you in hushed tones. 

When to go?

The dry season lasts from December to April, the rainy season last from May to November. The annual average temperature is 27 Degree Celcious. Trips to Mekong Delta are suitable all year round.


By bus in Vinh Long

Vinh Long City has two bus stations: the main one (Bến Xe Lớn) about 4 km from town for long-distance buses and a smaller one in the center, just about 3 blocks from river bank and 1 block from the main market. The smaller bus station takes you to neighboring Cần Thơ City (Cần Thơ Province) and suburban/rural districts of Vinh Long Province.


By boat in Vinh Long

There are no scheduled boats anymore. However, it is possible to book a tourist boat to Chau Doc including a night on the Mekong (US$20) and a bus transfer to Phnom Penh (additional US$6).

Vinh Long

Cai Be

Eat in Vinh Long

You can easily buy food from some street stall or in the market in town center.

There is a converted boat restaurant the moors opposite the plaza in front of the central supermarket, it goes on a small jaunt on the Mekong, prices from $3-20 per head depending on what you choose a la carte.

Sleep in Vinh Long

The accommodation options are a bit scattered throughout the town. Some hotels can be found along the main traffic arteries leading to the town centre. There are a couple of options in the city centre. Mosquitoes can be a nuisance in this area, however, hotels rarely provide mosquito nets, so bring your own.

Vinh Long

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