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Currency information

Riel (KHR; symbol CR) is the country’s official currency but locals prefer to use dollars. Riel notes are in denominations of CR100,000, 50,000, 20,000, 10,000, 5,000, 2,000, 1,000, 500, 200, 100 and 50. Dollars notes (not coins) are widely accepted, yet visitors in small villages and shops vendors may not have change for high notes (including $10+). It is advisable to keep hold of small Riel change wherever you can as it is very useful.


Currency & Money

Credit cards

Credit cards are now more widely accepted in upmarket hotels, shops and restaurants catering to visitors. There are ATMs in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville. It is always best to carry cash (US Dollars if necessary) in small denominations.


There are plenty of ATMs in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville that accept international cards including Cirrus, Plus, Maestro, Visa and MasterCard.


Currency & Money

Travellers cheques

Limited acceptance. Traveller’s cheques are generally not recommended. Traveller’s cheques in US Dollars can be changed at banks and some hotels, but can be difficult to change outside major cities.

Banking hours

Mon-Fri 0800-1500. Some banks are open on Saturdays 0800-1130.

Currency restriction

The import and export of local currency is prohibited. Foreign currency may be exported up to the limit declared at customs on arrival.

Currency exchange

US Dollars are widely exchangeable and can often be used as payment in their own right. Thai Baht can be easily exchanged close to the Thai border, but other currencies are generally only recognised at banks and airports.


Currency & Money

Cambodia duty free

The following goods may be imported into Cambodia without incurring customs duty:

• 400 cigarettes or 100 cigars or 400g of tobacco.
• 350ml of perfume.
• 2L of wine.
• Medicines for personal use.

Note: Goods worth more than US$100 are subject to taxes. If the total value of your goods is over US$300, you must declare this on the customs form.

Banned imports

The following are subject to licensing: pesticides and fertilisers, artificial sweeteners, cultural items above US$10,000, gold, silver and precious stones, pharmaceuticals and medical materials, vehicles, machinery for military purposes, and wood products (see for updates).


Currency & Money

Banned exports

Arms and ammunitions, fireworks and fire crackers, illicit drugs, live pigs and poultry meat, politically sensitive printed materials, right-hand drive vehicles, and used motorcycle tyres (check for updates).

Currency & Money

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