Ban Gioc Waterfalls Cao Bang

How to get to Ban Gioc waterfall?

If you are adventure travelers, let do it yourself then, there are daily local bus going up and down to Cao Bang few time a day from Hanoi. Tour operator in Hanoi can arrange private tour for you but price would be high as no kind of shared tour on this route.

You can get public bus from My Dinh bus station to Cao Bang then from Cao Bang get local bus to Trung Khanh. From there it’s about 20km to Ban Gioc and the best possible vehicle is a motorbike taxi. About 3km from Ban Gioc is a very nice large cave called Nguom Ngao which is worth a visit as well. December is good time. While the fall is not as big as in rainy season from June to Oct but the water is beautiful and the river is very green/nice.

If you decide to go to Trung Khanh by bus and stay there then there’s a VERY simple guesthouse by the market. Cao Bang is very nice area. It’s not just about the waterfall. It’s beautiful landscape all around. You may want to explore Ba Be Lake on the way as well as other places such as Hang Then Lake and Pac Bo area. There are some very big weekly markets that worth seeing as well. If you have a lot of time then Cao Bang is also linked with Ha Giang.

 Ban Gioc Waterfalls Cao Bang

Ban Gioc Waterfalls Cao Bang

Ban Gioc waterfall Cao Bangstraddles the border between Vietnam and China.  It is around 92km from the city of Cao Bang province in Vietnam. Ban Gioc is perhaps the most beautiful waterfall of the country, featuring three falls separated by trees and rocks.

It becomes particularly impressive in rainy season from May to September with strong flow of more than 30 metres and sound of falling water can be heard from afar. The waterfall also boasts gorgeous backdrop with lush vegetation and colorful flowers. It makes a perfect landscape painting created by nature.

Despite the Sino-Vietnamese border dispute having been settled, you still have to enquire permission of local authority (police) to visit Ban Gioc waterfall from Cao Bang. This can be easily arrnaged by tour or hotel.

It is said that the waterfall is a precious gift that the Nature bestowed to Cao Bang, a border province that still lacks entertainment venues and quality services to serve its visitors.

The site has recently become popular to European tourists, particularly those from France, Germany and the Netherlands, who are fond of discovering the beauty of nature and the life of ethnic minority people in northern mountain provinces of Vietnam.

Ban Gioc falls from the height of 3 meters descending on many limestone steps. In the middle of the fall stands a large rock coated with plants that divides the fall into three water flows.

From distance, the fall looks like three dazzling white silk bands descending softly and blending with the green of the mountain and forest.

 Ban Gioc Waterfalls Cao Bang

Ban Gioc Waterfalls Cao Bang

Water flows down from the peak, makes up a curtain of water-drops to splash to the visitors. On summer hot days, it’s freshening here and at sunrise everyday, there seems to be a rainbow glistening in colors.

The first thing you notice is the cooler fresh air followed by the mist and spray thrown in all directions by the fall. The echo of the falls can be heard kilometers away from Trung Khanh.

Not far from the foot of the waterfall is opposite scenery. Here you see a river with calm surface and clear water. Along the riverbanks are grasslands and greenery forests.

Ban Gioc Waterfalls Cao Bang

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