Buon Ma Thuot

Buon Ma Thuot is the largest city in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. It is the capital city of Dak Lak Province. There are some different names to call this city: Buon Ma Thuot, Ban Me Thuot or Buon Ma Thuot, of which the name of Buon Ma Thuot is more popular.

The climate of Buon Ma Thuot is featured for that of Vietnam’s Central Highlands. There are two main seasons around Buon Ma Thuot: dry season and rainy season which lasts from May to October of a year with short downpours. In a comparison to Dalat, Buon Ma Thuot is warmer and more humid because of its lower elevation.

Actually, travelers don’t have many activities to join, but exploring the national park of Yok Don (Yok Don National Park) and several imposing waterfalls in the surroundings. Before 1939s, Yok Don is the main habitat of animals; however, up to now both the animals and the region’s forest have disappeared. 

Buon Ma Thuot

Yok Don National Park

The plenty of coffee fields will deeply impress many travelers on the way to Buon Ma Thuot. Coffee is planting in most districts of Dak Lak, but coffee planting in Buon Ma Thuot is highly-appreciated because of its typical flavor. This explains why the trade of Café Buon Ma Thuot is famous all over the world and Buon Ma Thuot can be regarded as “capital coffee”. In Buon Ma Thuot, coffee partially forms the unique culture of this region and local people. Do not hesitate if you are invited to go out for a cup of coffee, hence, it is one of the specific cultural characters of local people.


Despite its quiet appearance, Buon Ma Thuot is very quickly developing. However, most of this development is from internal investment rather than the tourism industry. There are very few tourist sites, but the people are friendly, the coffee is great, and a stop here is well worth it to get off the beaten track and see Vietnamese city life that does not revolve around tourism. It is also an excellent base of operations to visit Yok Don National Park, Ban Don Village, and Lak Lake.


By road

Buon Ma Thuot is 194km from Nha Trang, 197km from Pleiku, 223km from Qui Nhon, 350km from Ho Chi Minh City, 396km from Dalat and 1427km from Hanoi.


By air

There are connections with Danang and Hanoi (via Danang) three times a week, daily flights to Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam airline has recently opened a direct flight from Hanoi to Buon Ma Thuot. Buon Ma Thuot Airport is 10km from the city.


By bus

There is a bus service to Buon Ma Thuot from Danang and Ho Chi Minh City (departs from Mien Dong Bus Station in Ho Chi Minh City). Buon Ma Thuot Bus Station is 3km east of the center. Several buses travel daily to Pleiku and Danang (buses will stop in Pleiku), Qui Nhon (11 hours), Nha Trang (6 hours), and Ho Chi Minh City (18 hours).


Mai Linh Express now operate their hunter green Mercedes Sprinters out of Buon Ma Thuot, which cut down travel times considerably, even with short breaks at mealtimes. For example, the journey to Nha Trang is 90,000vnd four times daily and takes approximately 3.5 hours.

  • Rạng Đông, Miền Đông Coach Station. 150,000 VNĐ.  


Get around

Your usual selection of taxis operate here, including Mai Linh. The city is also eminently bikeable due to its compact size and flat terrain.



  • Lak Lake, the mother lake of the Central Highlands.
  • A minority community on the northern end of BMT. It’s reachable on foot, but ask how to get there first. It’s a nice part of town with longhouses surrounded by flowery yards, although now being part of town it can’t really be called a village any more. Maybe ‘longhouse suburbia’ is more appropriate.


  • Visit Ban Don village, ride elephants. From center of Buon Ma Thuot, you can catch a bus every 30 minutes to go to Buon Don (Ban Don). Note that you should wait for the bus at Coop Mart in order to have a seat. Otherwise, the bus is normally full.


Buon Ma Thuot

Ban Don Village


Despite what the guidebooks say, Buon Ma Thuot has a very solid selection of good eats. Fast development and not much tourist infrastructure mean that the guidebooks are behind the times and sorely misleading. A wander just northwest of the main roundabout after around 6PM will turn up a truly great selection of street stalls and small restaurants, offering up very tasty standards such as hủ tiếu, phở, bún, cơm, and nem. Check Ly Thuong Kiet nearby for a selection of roll-your-own spring roll joints.

A very tasty cơm hến, the Hue speciality, is available at a simple-looking place across the street from the Co-op Mart that also advertises Bún bò Huế. Walk past the shabby looking front room into a spectacular little back home, complete with garden, birds, and an internal waterfall.

Of course, KFC is available in the Co-op Mart building, if you really need it.



Coffee, coffee, coffee. Buon Ma Thuot is the capital of coffee in Vietnam, a country that is second only to Brazil in coffee exports. Because of this, cafes are on every street corner, and most are spectacular. Many offer several different varieties of bean and roast. Standouts include Emerald’s Cafe in Tan Loi and, just east of town, Trung Nguyen’s flagship coffee gardens (a huge pleasure garden complete with man-made mountains and waterfall, lined with coffee trees and boasting both traditional Viet and Ede designed buildings). However, it’s very difficult to find a bad cup of coffee.

  • Drink the local brew “ruou can”.
Buon Ma Thuot

Buon Ma Thuot Coffe


  • Thanh Ngoc, 117 Nguyen Van Cu (close to km 3), ☎ 0913436427. Great little hotel, for 150 000 dong, inclusive air-con, TV and incredible friendly and helpful owners. Indoor parking for motorbikes, too. US$ 8.
  • Huong Khue, 32 Ngo Gia Tu (right next to the bus station), ☎ 0913498346. Simple but clean and conveniently located next to the bus station along with several other hotels on the same road. Rooms from 120,000 dong. Staff is helpful and friendly but knowledge of English is limited. You can take local buses to the center (10.000 VND), a xe om (25.000 VND), taxi (50.000 VND) or walk for about 20 minutes.


Get out

  • Lak Lake is about an hour’s bus ride to the south, on the way to Dalat. It’s a beautiful lake with various minority villages all around. A few of them are reachable from Lak town on foot, others require a boat trip, motorbike, or longer hike. To cross the lake, you can choose between a boat or an elephant – it’s so shallow that they can walk on the ground!

Between Lak and Buon Ma Thuot, a local bus runs every half hour or so. There are several Mai Linh buses a day to Dalat (coming from BMT), taking about 5 hours with the last bus leaving in the early afternoon. Buy your ticket (80,000 dong) at the Mai Linh office rather than Daklak Tourist who will ask a much higher price.

If you want to stay overnight in Lak, Mr Duc (tel 0905 371633) from Café Duc Mai(dalateasyrider@gmail.com) can arrange homestays in Jun longhouses for US$5, half the price asked by Daklak Tourist. He can also arrange other activities, such as elephant rides and boat trips on the lake, for a much lower price than Daklak Tourist. The café serves an excellent set meal (US$3) for dinner.

To get to the café, call ahead to get picked up or consider taking a moto (VND 10,000) once you arrive in Lak as it’s next to the Jun village and a bit hard to find from the main road. On foot, walk along the main road to the 3-way intersection at the market, then follow the alley going past the market all the way to the end. Turn left, where the road makes a right turn curving around some rice paddies. Follow this road until you see Café Duc Mai on the left side, 50m in front of the Jun village entrance.

What to do? The region’s main crop is coffee; thus, finding a guide for a visit at the coffee plantations would be interesting. Or you can make tours to historical vestiges like Bao Dai Palace, Yang Prong Tower, Buon Ma Thuot Prison, museums, Dak Tua Cave and Victory Monument. Yet the natural surroundings and ethnic groups in the area would be very impressive.

Buon Ma Thuot

Lak Lake

Lac Lake , 56 km southwest of Buon Ma Thuot, offers fantastic views. Visitors can cross the lake to nearby villages either in a dugout canoe or on elephants. Homestay with the M’Nong people is also a highlight of trips.

Yok Don National Park, an attractive destination where you can do trekking to minority villages, elephant riding through the forests, staying overnight in Ban Don Village and enjoying traditional activities like gong performance and drinking Jar wine.

Famous waterfalls include Dray Sap, Draylon, Drayling and Dray Nur Waterfalls, in which Dray Sap Waterfall, approximately 27km from Buon Ma Thuot, is the worthiest one to stop over

Buon Ma Thuot


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