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Ca Mau is a city in southern Vietnam. It is the capital of Ca Mau Province, a province in the Mekong Delta region, in the southernmost part of Vietnam’s inland territory. Vietnam’s incumbent Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung was born and raised here. The city is characterized by its system of transport canals and most goods are transported here by boats and barges. The city’s population is approximately 181,000 (as of 2008). The majority of its residents are ethnic Vietnamese and Chinese, with a large population of ethnic Khmer. There are 300 Khmer Krom households and 400 Hoa households.


GeographyCa Mau

CaMau Province is situated in the southern tip of Vietnam with 307km coastal length. It is surrounded by East Sea on three faces and KienGiang, BacLieu provinces on the north and north-east.

It’s interlacing rivers and canals have generated tangled flows in the province. Seven large rivers are: OngDoc, BayHap, CaiLon, GanhHao, DamDoi, TremTrem, and BachNguu. Some offshore islands are: HonDaBac, HonKhoai and HonChuoi.

There are two types of forest in Ca Mau province: salt marsh and cajuput. The cajuput forest has the highest biological value among other types of natural forest, with high economic value and environmental protection.

Climate: CaMau, with its sub-equatorial monsoon climate has two main seasons: the rainny season from May to October, and the dry season, extending from November to April of the next year. The province is average annual temperature is 26.5�C. It is coolest in January with 25oC. The annual rainfall averages 2,500mm3, 90% of which is distributed over 6 months in the rainy season. Average humidity is about 80% in dry season and 85 % in rainny season. CaMau rarely suffers storms and floods.


Tourism and Economy

CaMau has great potentiality in ecological tourism thanking to salt-marsh ecological systems and diversified plants and animals. It has long seaside so there are many shrimp farms here. Then it is considered one of the key fishing grounds of the country, with great reserves of seafood of different types.Besides that, there are wild animals, such as deer, pig, and monkey.

HonKhoai Island is a historical vestige that had related with the insurrection led by hero Phan Ngoc Hien. CaMau is famous for UMinh cajuput forest and NamCan mangrove forest.

Rather than those, CaMau is also well known for its bird sanctuaries: CaiNuoc, DamDoi, NgocHien… Most of all, NgocHien bird sanctuary attracts more and more visitors.



Road: Camau is 114km from Bac Lieu, 130km from RachGia, 180km from Cantho, and 380km from HoChiMinh City. National Highways No. 1A, 63 connect CaMau to BacLieu and KienGiang provinces. Waterway: The boats run from CaMau to HoChiMinh City, RachGia. Tourist can visit UMinh and NgocHien by ferry.


Ca Mau

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