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Hanoi Zoo or still called Thu Le Park and Zoo Hanoi – Apart from the common neighborhood parks, Hanoi is proud to house a park cum Zoo which is home to some of the common wildlife species found in Vietnam. The spacious park, Thu Le Park and Zoo in Hanoi is a favorite place for the locals to visit on a holiday with their family (Hanoi Zoo).
Hanoi zoo

Boat trip in Hanoi Zoo or still called Thu Le Park and Zoo Hanoi

Features of Thu Le Park and Zoo  Hanoi

–   The Park (Hanoi Zoo). is located in the Thu le Village and comprises of a small Zoo within its boundary. The park with its vast spread of lush green grasses gives the feeling of natural wilderness and makes for the perfect home for the wild animals (Hanoi Zoo).
–   The wild inhabitants of this park cum zoo consist of monkeys, big cats of the cat family and elephants. Some rare species of birds can also be spotted nestled on the trees (Hanoi Zoo).
–   The Park (Hanoi Zoo). has got an exquisite collection of trees and small plants. For nature lovers and botanists the park is an ideal place to make references for heir research and study.
–   The lustrous green Park helps in maintaining the ecological balance and bio diversity and is a great refuge from the polluted city air.

Thu Le Park and Zoo Hanoi

Take park in one of game on the lake

–   The park (Hanoi Zoo) grounds also provide for recreational facilities. Pedal Boats are available for boating around the lake and spot some rare species of water birds.
–   The small rivulet flowing through the park enhances its natural beauty more.
–   There are a number of eateries located inside the park which provide for some delicious snacks for the visitors.
–   The park (Hanoi Zoo) is a favorite among the children’s for the animals as well as the various fun rides that are available within the park (Hanoi Zoo).
–   Even if some of the animals are kept in cages proper care is ensured. The Park and Zoo authority monitors there health and they are well fed and loved. At the same time the Zoo authority looks into the matter that the visitors behave nicely with the animals and not harass them.

Hanoi Zoo

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