Cốm (Green rice Flakes)- Speciality of Hanoi Autumn

Anyone who has been in Hanoi may have the same opinion that Autumn is the most beautiful season of the year. The smell of Green rice Flakes is didden in the pure sunlights, and the perfume of Green rice Flakes pervades the air…
Green rice Flakes flavour cariries the perfume and beauty of Hanoi autumn, that’s why many people when living far from Hanoi, they always think of a Hanoi with pure fragrant flavour of Green rice Flakes. Although Hanoi today is noisy and bustle, there are still vast paddy fields in the suburbs.

Green rice Flakes

Green rice Flakes is not only a nosh, it is an art

Green rice Flakes is a dish used to give to the is King in the past, and this nosh has been descended from then to now. The most famous Green rice Flakes making place is Vong village which is now belonged to Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay Dist. Many stages in Green rice Flakes making process still remain to today. The sticky rices, after being harvested, will be selected carefully and separated from the straw. When the Green rice Flakes season (autumn) comes, most people of the ages, from young to old, women and men have their own role and take part in a step which is suitable with them to make grains of Green rice Flakes.

Despite the fact that in modern life, people use mechanical devices to help to shorten the time of making Green rice Flakes, most of the stages in the process are still made manually and finically. All the stages from washing the rice, separating grains which are not well filled from the plump ones, roasting, dying,.. require experienced and skillful hands of the villagers. These experiences must be accumulated little by little so that the flakes become greener, thinner, softer, and more aromatic.


Green rice Flakes season generally lasts about three months, from the beginning of July in lunar calendar. When the season comes, the entire Vòng village resounds the sound of Green rice Flakes roasting, the sound of pestles pounding the mortars . After being roasted, grains of Green rice Flakes are put into the mortar when they are still warm. They must be grinded seven to eight times to exclude the rice husk. It even takes families who use mills about twenty times two finhish this stage.


Women take part in making Green rice Flakes

In the next day, Green rice Flakes makers have to sift, winnow and grind the grains several more times so that they become flat, then villagers use water made from rice leaves to dye Green rice Flakes green. From sticky rice, Vong villagers make raw grains of Green rice Flakes which has the typical fragrance of rice flavor. Delicious Green rice Flakes actually comes from high quality grains. Green rice Flakes is made all year round but it is most delicious in autuumn, perhaps because Green rice Flakes grains are wrapped by lotus leaves which are verdant in autumn. Wild taro leaves help Green rice Flakes be fresh longer, lotus leaves bring Green rice Flakes with refined flavour.
The nutty and aromatic flavour of Green rice Flakes has become the remembrance of those who leave or live far from Hanoi. From Green rice Flakes grains, people can make Green rice Flakes sweetened porridge (kind of dessert made with sugar and grilled rice), steamed glutimous rice flakes, Cốm cakes,…which have equally delicious taste. Green rice Flakes compote is contained in the small white ceramic bowls, which is as elegant as lotus tea in summer. Sweet and aromatic Green rice Flakes has long become an indispensable part in the betrothal gift caskets in engagement ceremony of Hanoi ans.


Green rice Flakes is wrapped by leaves of wild taro and lotus

The unique flavor and tradition of the Green rice Flakes making villages have become a beautiful image symbolizing the culinary talent in the ancient capital. In autumn wind, in the mild hot and dry weather, somewhere wecand find some people remind each other of an Autumn with a typical nosh, a speciality- Green rice Flakes .


Green rice Flakes cakes

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