Nature in Danger

The human race is only one small species in the living world. Many other species exist on this planet. However, human beings have a great influence on the rest of the world. They are changing the environment by building cities and villages where forests once stood. They are affecting the water supply by using water for industry and agriculture. They are changing weather conditions by cutting down tress in the forests. And they are destroying the air by adding pollutants to it.

Nature in Danger

animals are killed

It can be said that human beings are changing the environment in all respects through their actions and by their habits. This has resulted in two serious consequences. The first is that many kinds of rare animals are killed. The second is that the environment where these animals are living is badly destroyed. As a result, the number of rare animals is decreasing so rapidly that they are in danger of becoming extinct.

Nature in Danger

Environment pollution

In order to make sure that these rare animals do not disappear, efforts have been made to protect the environments in which they live. Scientists have made lists of endangered species and suggested ways to save them. Many organization have been set up and funds have been raised. Thousand of national parks all over the world have been established to protect endangered animals. Laws have been introduced to prohibit the killing of endangered animals and destruction of the environments where these rare animals are living.

If people’s interference with the environment decreases, more species will survive and produce offspring. The Earth will be happy planet where human beings, animals and plants peacefully co-exist.

Nature in Danger

Nature in the world



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