Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese foods in Vietnamese, to eat is said “an com”, which literally means “eating rice”, since rice is the basic element of every meal. In general, a typical meal will include the following ingredients

Rice is one of famous Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese Food

Rice Vietnam

Several dishes: Meat, fish, shrimp, soy curd, and various vegetables browned in oil, pickled vegetable, pickled eggplant, etc.

Soups: Vegetable soupl cooked with pig-ribs, soar crab soup, fish soup.

Vietnamese Food


Sweet and sour grated salad: Nom is salad of grated banana flower or green papaya, cucumber, carrot, lean pork, and grounded, peanuts. To eat nom is to appreciate at the same time all of its tastes, including acid, pepper, salt and the dizzy flavour of roasted groundnuts.

Vietnamese Food


Vietnamese Speciallities

In recent years, Vietnamese clerks have been eating lunch at their office cafeterias. There are many popular restaurants in the city, in the neighbourhood of public offices in particular.

Pho is one of famous Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese Food

Pho Vietnam

Pho is prevalent dish familiar to all Vietnamese people, who eat pho from infancy. it is most commonly eaten in the morning, but there are also people who eat it at noon for lunch or late at night.

Bun is one of famous Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese Food

Bun Vietnam

Bun, a kind of rice vermicelli, is at the same time both a luxurious and a pouplar food in Vietnam. There are many fiferent names for bun, which refer to its shape, such as vermicelli made in tangled threads (bun roi).

Banh Cuon is one of famous Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese Food

Banh Cuan Vietnam

Ordinary rice paddy is soaked in water until it become soft, then it is ground into a very thin paste. This paste is steamed to make round cakes, each a little bigger than the hand and very thin. Each cake is rubbed with onions browned in a little fat, making it very sweet-smelling. These are thin steamed rolled rice pancakes.

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